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Dongying Wantong Rubber Accelerator Co., Ltd
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Our goal is not just to meet the expectations of customers, customer development and growth is Wantong people the meaning of service.
With the improvement and development of Wantong service, Wantong people with advanced and efficient customer service means as the basis, professional team full of passion as the core, has always been adhering to the "zero distance communication, unlimited service" service concept, established a perfect customer service system.
We are willing to challenge in the years with you hand in hand, to trust and strive for success for the development of company foundation.
We firmly believe that: in the future in auxiliary industry, Wantong rubber auxiliaries Co. the company will fully comply with the industrial policies of the state, with advanced technology, quality products, sincere service to the enterprises bigger and stronger, in the splendid chapter Chinese rubber chemicals industry in Wantong people write!